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HDL Design House partners with Silvaco
( 16/09/2019,  יום שני)
HDL Design House Partners with Silvaco to offer analog/digital IC design services and full turn-key solutions to fabless semiconductor companies worldwide. HDL Design House is a recognized leader in SoC, analog and mixed-signal design services.

SemIsrael 2018
( 05/12/2018,  יום רביעי)
SemIsrael 2018 with Jeff Galloway and Jeff Lumish from Silicon Creations.

CDNLive 2018 with HDL-DH
( 15/10/2018,  יום שני)
With Milena and Olivera from HDL Design House

TSMC symposium 2018 - Israel
( 17/09/2018,  יום שני)
Ur Tauman with Andrew Cole from Silicon Creations

DAC 2018- Silicon Creations on 5nm
( 27/07/2018,  יום שישי)
At the TSMC Open Innovation Platform held during DAC 2018 in San Francisco, Randy Caplan, EVP and Co-Founder of Silicon Creations, shared the state of his company products and the challenges that designers should be cognizant with as process technology is trending towards 5nm

HDL-DH at Mentor Forum Israel, 2018
( 24/05/2018,  יום חמישי)
HDL-DH Co-sponsors of Mentor Forum, Israel, 2018

Silicon Creations at ChipEx 2018
( 08/05/2018,  יום שלישי)
Randy Caplan, Co-founder, Silicon Creations and Ur Tauman, General Manager, NRG Technologies

Packet-based fronthaul - a critical enabler of 5G
( 24/04/2018,  יום שלישי)
Comcores – a leading supplier of IP-solutions – takes a significant step towards workable 5G with Radio over Ethernet/5G NR demonstrator

CryptoOne CPU by DCD
( 20/04/2018,  יום שישי)
Based on the architecture of the D32PRO CPU and patented innovative cryptographic system with one time pad – CryptOne CPU offers a brave new world of electronics

National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) has contracted City Semiconductor to implement a serial analog-to-digital converter
( 18/03/2018,  יום ראשון)
NRAO hired City Semiconductor, a San Francisco-based integrated circuit design house specializing in ultra high-speed analog design, to implement a serial analog-to-digital converter developed at NRAO’s Central Development Laboratory in Charlottesville, Virginia, a facility funded by the NSF, and patented by the observatory. The technique converts incoming analog data to digital form for transmission over fiber-optic links.

Silicon Creations' SerDes in 2017 product of the year
( 18/03/2018,  יום ראשון)
Silicon Creations announced that its multi-protocol serializer/deserializer (SerDes) transceiver Physical Medium Attachment (PMA) intellectual property (IP) was part of Microsemi Corporation’s PolarFire field programmable gate array (FPGA), named 2017 “Product of the Year” by Electronics Products magazine, as well as the Electronic Products China/21ic.com 2017 “Product of the Year.”

Developing 7nm IP for Safety Critical Automotive Applications
( 24/12/2017,  יום ראשון)
How should a component such as a SERDES be designed and evaluated to ensure that it is suitable for inclusion in a system that will be qualified for ISO 26262?

Silicon Creations at SemIsrael 2017
( 28/11/2017,  יום שלישי)
With Pawel, JP Caram and Łukasz. Thank you guys!

Silicon Creations Named 2017 TSMC Partner of the Year for Analog Mixed Signal IP
( 08/10/2017,  יום ראשון)
October 03, 2017 07:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time SUWANEE, Ga.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Silicon Creations, a leading supplier of high-performance analog and mixed-signal intellectual property (IP), was awarded the 2017 TSMC Open Innovation Platform® (OIP) Partner of the Year Award for Analog/Mixed Signal IP at the recent TSMC OIP Ecosystem Forum in Santa Clara, Calif.

Silicon Creations Celebrates 100th Tape-Out of Its PLL in TSMC 28nm
( 12/09/2017,  יום שלישי)
SUWANEE, Ga. -- September 11, 2017 — Silicon Creations today announced its general-purpose fractional phase-locked loop (PLL) IP has surpassed 100 mass production tape-outs on TSMC’s 28nm process node.

Arastu Systems releases R-DIMM and LR-DIMM support for its DDR4 Controller
( 11/09/2017,  יום שני)
September 8th, 2017, San Jose, CA - The shift from the traditional enterprise data centers to the cloud is driving the demand for increased bandwidth and lower latencies. Registered Dual In-line Memory Modules (R-DIMM) and Load Reduced DIMM (LR-DIMM) are meeting the performance requirements for such systems. Arastu Systems’ DDR professionals, who carry the necessary wisdom required to traverse the DDR trajectory, have improvised DDR4 DRAM Memory Controller by adding support for Register Clock Driver (RCD) and Data Buffer (DB).

Free Webinar: DO-254, Oct. 4, 2017
( 08/09/2017,  יום שישי)
This webinar by AFuzion Inc. and HDL Design House will explain DO-254 optimization techniques including DO-254 requirements, mistakes, best practices, and use of random verification and UVM methodology. Attendees will learn about the benefits of advanced techniques.

TSMC Israel 2017
With Silicon Creations

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